Yesterday I lost someone who meant a lot to me. She was my children’s grandmother. A wonderful robust larger than life character who was married to a vile, pig of a man and yet she some how rose above that. Nobody ever judged her by him. 

Two weeks ago when I knew she was near the end I phoned her, I decided to tell her that I loved her and twenty years ago when I left her son, the biggest regret was feeling I might be losing her too. That would never have happened she assured me. 

Lessons learned from this is always say I love you, it doesn’t matter if it is reciprocated all that matters is the universe hears it.


Well yesterday I did lose her, but her voice, her sweetness and her wisdom are evident in my sons and one day perhaps in their children.




2 thoughts on “Loss

  1. I’m sorry to hear of your loss – thank you for your comment on my blog. No one wore solid black to the funeral. My mother-in-law wore a floral dress.

    • I opted for pewter grey pussybow shirt with pussy cats on it, it was sombre in colour but still a little bit it fun. My sons gave the eulogies I have never been prouder of them,


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